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David Carradine Funeral

David Carradine the yesteryears star of shows like Kung Foo was found dead in a hotel in Thailand. He sounds like a typical loser who couldn’t bear the fact that his time was up and he needs to get a life.

He could have stayed back home and helped out in charities or made a living as a regular human being. But no he has to go away from life, as far as possible he could.

David Carradine Funeral services are yet to be announced but as and when they are made available I will post them here.

Keep checking more about this loser here.

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    1. ian says:

      The individual who did this write up is a judgmental A**hole. They haven’t even posted an official cause of death yet. You know D!ck about the situation so far, and you’re calling a dead man a loser? His time was up? Um, hello? Kill Bill revitalized his film career and he had more films lined up after the one he was making in Thailand. I personally don’t think he offed himself. I think it was an accident at least, and at most more sinister. I could also be wrong, and won’t be taking pot-shots at the dead about things I don’t know anything about. Maybe the author of this write up should do the same.


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