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When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check

When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check is the question on most American minds as United States slips further into economic recession.

I regularly keep myself updated with the business and finance news and recently I read on Wall Street Journal that the top 100 CEOs of America say that they are bracing themselves for further pink slips and lay offs.

In such times when the country is witnessing record high job losses, Americans are particularly concerned about their life styles. So it is a given that they would welcome any relief and in any form.

I had this question about government stimulus checks as well and I had been checking the IRS site everyday to find out when the checks would be mailed but I haven’t been able to pin down a specific date.

However I found a site which is keeping tabs on this subject and covering this and other government stimulus related details regularly. Check it out from here – Stimulus checks.

    6 Responses to “When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check”

    1. debra meisenzahl says:

      i was just think do people on ssi get 250.00 because we are disable to or is it just for people on social security.

      thank you
      debra meisenzahl

      ps nice talking to you mr obama

    2. deanna says:

      I’m on ssi. and I have heard that you are not allowing the cost of living raise.( no matter what is being reported ,the cost of living is still going up!)my lot rent went up $45.00 as of this Oct.09. were am I surpose to get that from since we don’t get the cost of living raise?(which is not alot but it helps)I thank who ever is letting ssi and ect to get a 1 time payment and that will help for a while. I wanted to say I’m disablied not by chioce.and I have to find out what medication I want to go without this month,cause some of my medications are not covered.Do not worry I’m not the only one who are going though this I hear it were ever I I would neaver want your job.and I don’t have any ideals!You and your family are in my prays.Oct.24,09 thanks

    3. shirley says:

      do we get a stimulus check in 2010

    4. lakisha mcbryde says:

      Hi all to say is I would like to know the exact date of my stimulus

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