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Megamouth Shark

The megamouth whale or shark as it is more popularly known is one of the most rare and peculiar species of deep water shark.

Megamouth Shark was spotted for the first time in recorded history in 1976 and since then very few have ever seen it again.

Since that day, only about 41 specimens have been caught or sighted as of 2009 and during the recordings on the media. I want to make a special mention of the physical characteristics of this variety of Shark (Megamouth), especially its teeth and its diet.

Like other sharks out there, Basking and Whale Shark, the Megamouth has a huge filter feeder to catch its feed. What it does is, it swims with its wide mouth open, using the feeder as a filtering mechanism, grabbing all the plankton, fish, jelly fish etc from the water that passes through its mouth. It has distinctive head and large lips.

Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark

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