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Norovirus In Babson College

Babson College has to be shut down recently because there was suspected outbreak of the norovirus gastrointestinal illness.

Last I checked and spoke to the medical sources in the college, about 100 students had been found affected by it. Since the situation seems to have escalated since then, the college authorities decided to suspend classes and send everybody home.

Symptoms of Norovirus Gastrointestinal Illnes

The symptoms of the norovirus include but are not limited to throwing up, nausea, and loose bowel motion. But the silver lining is that the sickness lasts on till 24 to 60 hours.

How can the virus spread

The virus can contaminate through food and close contact with a infected individual. The college said there is no indication that the outbreak was food-related. The origin of the outbreak is unknown. Perhaps somebody travelled from somewhere and could have been infected. He/she passed it on to others. And before you know it, the whole school is down and out.

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