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Haleigh’s Dad to Wed Teen Girlfriend

This case came into limelight when a women called up emergency operator on 911 saying somebody grabbed their daughter from the home when she was asleep.

Now after couple of difficult weeks for the family of Haleigh Cummings, the missing girl’s father and his teenager girlfriend have announced they are going ahead and getting married even though it doesn’t sounds and feel right because – that’s what Haleigh Cummings would have wanted.

Family has to move on but should continue to search for the little girl. The community should lend all kinds of support and do something about this. This incident is quite unfortunate.

Haleigh Cummings Haleigh Cummings

    7 Responses to “Haleigh’s Dad to Wed Teen Girlfriend”

    1. Brandi says:

      that is just crazy find your daughter then worry abotu that

    2. Concerned says:

      Who says that is what Hayleigh wants. It’s hard for me to understand the glee on Ms.Croslin’s face when this child is still missing. This child didn’t leave of her own voilition, so what is getting married going to prove? This whole situation is strange. There is more than meets the eye here…

    3. Faye says:

      I do not have a good feeling about the teen girlfriend at all.

    4. Faye says:

      Why were the mattress on the floor? no pillow case on the child’s pillow. Just a
      feeling of mine concerning the teen girl. He also I feel did wrong when on the phone with 911 operator, kept saying the f word and all and sounded just ilke an idiot. What do other people think?

    5. Faye says:

      who watches nancy grace? I do but she gets carried away at times or so I think.
      Jane Mitchell also does the same thing. Who else feels the way I do here?

    6. Faye says:

      The child’s bio mother is suing him now isn’t she? I hope she wins. I feel that the teen friend is not the best the children need in a mother. I certainly pray that the Lord watches over this child and all the others that are missing and brings them home safely.

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