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Jonathan Krohn Define Conservatism

Jonathan Krohn is a 13 year old prodigy whom I recently had the chance to see on TV define conservatism and boy, I was extremely impressed by this kid.

I never had much of an opinion on the likes of Rush, Hanity or Steele but this conservative is what RNC should be all about. He brings a fresh face to this party and I think RNC should gladly embrace Jonathan Krohn

Jonathan Krohn’s 2 minute call-it-speech or rendition on “Conservative Victories Across the Nation” covered the principles that have been abdicated by the Republican Party, which he called the “shell” to conservatism’s “filling.”

So basically Jonathan Krohn (his last name is often misspelled as Crone) expounded his thoughts on conservatism with a flowery rhetorical flow and emotional pitch kind of a tone which I usually see on Fox network but you certainly don’t expect to see it from somebody who is not only couple of years away from being elligible to vote but also is not yet old enough to legally drive or drink in the United States of America.

Jonathan Krohn Define Conservatism

Check out the youtube video:

another video ..

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