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How To Make Your Blog Popular

Optimizing the Blog

Started a blog recently but clueless on how to go about directing traffic to your site or, as they say in tech parlance, grabbing enough eyeballs. This is one ingredient which if you miss out on, your AdSense program (or any other means of monetizing the site) is rendered to a state of rigor mortis.

So how to achieve this Rock star viewership. And mind you, the key thing here is, to attain our objective without spending a dime.

Some tips and tricks to make and keep the readership high.

Social Networking

Discuss the issues you post on in popular social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc. But make sure the effort is genuine otherwise people will see through the marketing sham. The fact that you first wrote about the issue on your site makes you interested enough in that issue. So when posting about and discussing the subject on a social networking site, make sure you go the whole 9 yards.

This is by far the best way to generate traffic initially and make your site known when it is new. The reason I use the word initially is because subsequently you would like people to find your site themselves.


Consider yourself a member of an elite Quick Reaction Team. (QRT is a combat terminology) Keep yourself abreast of the latest in your field and when you see or hear about a change be the first one to write about it. Grab the first mover advantage.


Keep It Simple, Stupid. People like to read stuff which is well, easy to read. So give those spacings, highlight important text, space it out so that its dewy on the eyes.


The importance of linking to other sites cannot be stated enough. For a home based boiler plates site-owner this is one of the best ways to have search engine crawlers index portions of your site which contain these links. This is from personal experience. One of my first pages to show up in Google searches was the one which had a link to New York Times website.

Another reason is Quid Pro Quo. – By linking to other similar sites, the favor might be returned and they might link to you. This is another factor taken into account by the Google crawlers.


Make use of tools like RSS Feeds, Bookmarks etc to make the readers life as easy as possible. Reader is the king here. Really.


Like what they say about the 3 rules governing the success of a brick & mortar business – Location, Location, Location. Similarly ours is Post, Post, and Post! Know the meaning of words like dedication, perseverance, and put them to practise.

Slashdot, Digg, Technorati

Make your presence on these and similar sites. If you get Diggâ„¢ ed or Slashdotâ„¢ ed, oh boy be prepared for some server throttling!

Let me know what you think. If there are better ways or another popular way to publicize a site, do post it in the comments. Would be great to hear the feedback.

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