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Obama – Fight The Smears

How do you handle a smear campaign? By fighting back in the same vein and making the perps taste a bit of their own medicine.

By this I don’t mean that Obama’s campaign will start smearing the ‘smearers’. But instead, the challenge would be met at the same level and at a war footing.

Perhaps, sick and tired of all the misinformation and propaganda war being waged against him in the presidential race, the Obama camp has started a website called “Fight The Smears” to pick up support from all those who deserted him after hearing/seeing the misinformation campaign against him.

For instance, you can find the truth to the questions like whether Obama is a natural citizen or if he ever attended a radical madrassa at a young age from this site.

Obama is trying to win back the support that he lost during the below the belt punches and tirades when him and Hilary were slugging it out. In fact, according to the latest poll, Obama has gotten a huge bump of approval from middle aged women who are more likely to vote for Obama than McCain.

I got to see Obama’s birth certificate from the site –

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