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Bike Ride The Rockies

Ride The Rockies

Ride The Rockies

If you are a biking aficionado like me then you should sit up and take note of this. The popular Ride The Rockies 2009 have thrown open their registration gates from today for the 2009 Denver Post Ride the Rockies tour. This biking fest is held for the duration of six days and involves 380 miles bicycling trip albeit non-competitive. The biking route takes you all over the great state of Colorado. Doesn’t that sound like an irresistible deal?

Ride The Rockies Dates

If you are interested in signing up for it, the tour will start from June 14 and runs till June 19. It begins and ends from Glenwood Springs. Usually it has been held one week earlier. Traditionally it stars on the Fathers day. And if you are interested in knowing where all the route takes you, read on.

According to the 2009 biking map that I have seen, the route goes over McClure Pass to hotchkiss which has some of the most beautiful view in the country, if not the world. Further on, the bikers will peddle along the north rim of Black Canyon over to Monarch Pass, and up to the Arkansas River Valley. And this is just the start. So rest assured you will have a beautiful view through out the biking jaunt.

Ride The Rockies Registration

Now lets talk about the fees involved. There is a $35 registration fees. This payment gives you baggage transportation, medical and mechanical support during the ride, aid stations. And this is not all, if your stamina gives up on you during the ride, they would carry you over as well. Did I mention they even give you a jersey, map books etc as well. Doesn’t that seem a lot for $35? To me it does! So whats the catch you may ask.

The Catch: Lottery

There is a lottery involved. Not body who signs up gets selected. So if you send your registration fees and you don’t get selected, don’t fret. They will be returning your money.

According to the locals, “Ride the Rockies has become synonymous with summer in Colorado”, and I totally agree with you on that. If you planning to participate or know somebody who is, give a shout out below. And if you are a Colorado resident, what do you think about this?

Bike Route

I have included a link that shows the biking Map and Route. The link might rearrange your browser window but don’t worry about it, it will take you to Denver Post website. To see the Biking Route, click here.

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