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Ervin Antonio Lupoe

Ervin Antonio Lupoe was laid off from his technician job at the hospital and that led him to drastic steps. He took the life of his family, including wife Ana Lupoe and kids, and himself because he felt he could not support them anymore.

This is so third world. I am not sure if Ervin was depressed but losing a job meant so much to him. Whether he thought he could not get another job and hence could not keep his family together or was the process so demeaning that he felt he had no worth.

Anyway you think about, each option makes you cringe.

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    1. CB says:

      This is a sad and tragic event. Theren is no question that it was wrong and immoral for the father to take his family’s lives and his own life. But I would like to know how could their employer fire both of them knowing that they have kids, five kids, at that. If they were really fired for lying about their income to get cheaper child care, it is the child care agency’s responsibility to get them to repay what they owe them. And in terms of forging a signature, I think suspending them will be a better and humane choice than firing them. They obviously didn’t care that the couple have 5 kids and no income. The outcome of this whole thing is just sad and I pray for them and also pray that this will never happen to anyone else.

    2. Khamsin says:

      Antonio, I know how you feel,life is so busy…I hope you do find some time to share you knowledge, but life beorfe blog mate, i’m sure we can all wait for you to get back to I have been on loads of podcasts, blogs where your work is mentioned… your a ledgend mate.


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