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Herm Edwards – Chiefs No More

Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards

Kansas City Chiefs Herm Edwards gets the boot.

Herm Edwards was fired during what is considered by all and sundry to be the worst two year period in the history of this franchise. I could see it coming from long time and it was due to happen any time soon if not sooner.

But look at the diplomatic spin everybody is putting on this firing with the following words. This is what the Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said in a written statement. (Maybe he couldn’t say it on live TV with a straight face)

This was not an easy decision. Herm is an outstanding football coach and a man of integrity. We appreciate his leadership over the past three seasons, and we wish him all the best in the future.

Yeah right! As an angry fan, I have every reason to believe they are all just making it up. But as professionals, I think its the right thing to do. I am sure Herm tried his best to deliver on the promise. He couldn’t so now he has to pack his bags and look for another assignment. Two years is a long enough time for somebody to prove themselves. Hermie had his shot and he failed to delivered.

Yes Herm, you have disappointed us but we wish you well.

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