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Indian Exec Likes ’em Apples

But for an entirely different reason. I found the reason hysterically funny but I’m pretty sure the die-hard Apple fans will not share my enthusiasm.

The Indian exec in picture here is Rahul Sood, CTO of HP’s global Gaming Business and, in his own words, he started his blog a few years ago in order to give his fans and customers a fresh and brutally honest perspective of his industry, as he succinctly puts it on the site.

So few days back he was celebrating his birthday and being in the business that he is, one of his friends gifted him an Apple Mac Air notebook as a joke. (Wish somebody played that kind of a joke on me!).

So anyway, after he blew the candles, Rahul promptly used the gifted notebook to do what but cut the cake. He also jovially remarked that since the notebook is so sharp it did a fine job. (Not too long ago, a user in Germany had complained as well about Mac Air cutting into his skin).

Considering the zeal of Mac fans and demi-god status of Steve Jobs in their eyes, it was not hard to imagine what this joke would have resulted in among the fans of the Cupertino based company.

The fact that an executive from a competitor company was doing it put a serious meaning to all this in the eyes of the fans. Even though Apple purists might froth, majority of the regular world would look at it as nothing but a joke and Sood might even have in fact earned brownie points in his company. (I am ready to wager HP will give him a bonus for this!)

You can view the original post by Rahul Sood by clicking this link

By the way I use an HP laptop that came pre-loaded with WinXP.

    4 Responses to “Indian Exec Likes ’em Apples”

    1. Laura says:

      “Like ’em apples” – isn’t this a quote from Good Will Hunting movie? :)

    2. Tarun says:

      You got it absolutely right. It was a reference to the quote made by Matt Damon.


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