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Fan Tackles Seau Video

NFL fans can and do go crazy sometimes is a given. So it was no surprise when Todd Kobus, a die hard Patriots fan sprinted onto the field and tackled Patriots linebacker Junior Seau during Sunday night’s game at Foxboro Stadium.

My first reaction to the story veered to the comedy of the situation. Its always funny when such things happen, but only to others, when you have a drunk fan creating a rowdy scene, tackling a seasoned player.

My second reaction veered more towards the security aspect of the whole situation. Alright in this case the fan did not really mean any harm and had basically one too many of the drinks. But just imagine if some nut case was bent on physically hurting the player? It has happened before and it can happen again. Remember Monica Seles incident?

More on Tdd Kobus — he says he is a member of the National Guard and just wanted to give his favorite player a hug. I don’t have to wait for the medical report to confirm that he had been drinking.

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