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Jet Blue – There’s Always A Seat For You

Heard this tragic but gross humorous news today in which a passenger, apparently traveling on a free voucher, was asked to vacate his seat and sit on the toilet of a packed Jet Blue flight for the remainder of his two hours journey. The man is now suing the air line for $2 million.

Gokham Mutlu has filed a lawsuit alleging that the pilot of a New York City to San Diego ordered him to sit in the bathroom after a off-duty flight attendant claimed her seat back. The flight was full, so an off duty attendant flying on the plane agreed to sit on the jump seat and gave her passenger seat to Gokham.

But mid-way the flight attendant found her jump seat unconfortable and spoke to the captain about having her original passenger seat back. Since only the trained crew can sit on the jump seat, the lone seat left in a jam packed flight was the toilet seat.

Mutlu was not looking forward to it but the captain left him no choice. According to the lawsuit, the pilot said that “he was the pilot, that this was his plane, under his command that (Mutlu) should be grateful for being on board.” So the bathroom it was.

Whatever really happened, JetBlue can’t afford any more bad press. The airline is still trying to make customers forget about trapping passengers on their planes for up to nine hours during bad weather last year.

But maybe this is not really bad news. Perhaps it shows the wicked sense of humor of Jet Blue pilots. Jet Blue could even build a commercial around it – JetBlue – there’s always a seat for you!


I flew Jet Blue from Salt Lake to NY(JFK). The service was nothing to talk about but boy, did they have one of the best in-flight-entertainment systems.

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