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2008 AP All American Football Team

Associated Press has announced its first all star American Football Team and for some the huge haul continued with this announcement as well. Shonn Greene is one of the players who is on a never ending spree of honors.

Greene came of with flying colors and became the fifth player under a single coach – Kirk Ferentz – to have been selected in this elite group. Some of the others who were chosen for this league are Robert Gellery and Nate Keaning in the previous years.

My man Shonn Greene, and I’ll be damned if I know what his first name means, is all set to become a member of the select group at Iowans chosen for this honor.

One thing I like about this fella, he has a winning attitude on the field but off it, he is quiet like a barn mouse. And thats exactly how the winners should be. They should let their actions do all the talking.

Way to go Mr Greene.

Additionally, boys from the south – Crimson Tide Alabama – have contributed more players than any other place. In all the factor is about thousand pounds of lineman.

Offensive tackle Andre Smith, who weighrs about 330 pounds, was a no brainer first choice, and he was joined by his mate and center Antoine Caldwell.

Crimson Tide nose guard Terrence Cody, whose weight hovers at about 365 pounds, was also part of this line of defense that surly I wouldn’t wanna mess with.

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