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Ludlow CA Earthquake

A  medium earthquake measuring somewhat 5.5 stirred the great state of California today according to a US  government notification.

There has been no updates issues on the destruction and damage yet but considering it was 5.5 there are definitely chances of some destruction.

The reading of the scale was recorded and issued by US Geological Survey and it was largely based on an open-ended Moment Magnitude scale which is now popularly used by the US based seismologists. This method of recording the scale is quite sophisticated and advanced as it measures the area of fault that ruptured and the total energy that is release by the motion.

The epicenter of the tremor has been pin pointed to the Mojave Desert. I will be updating this site with photos and pictures showing the effects of the eqartquake and the damage cause.

By the way if you have been affected by it or you felt the tremors, tell us about it.

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