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Supreme Court Obama Birth Certificate

The 43rd president elect Barack Obama is still dodging controversy over his birth. Many people and especially bloggers have been perpetuating the myth that Barack Obama is not a regular citizen of the United States of America. I see a lot of sources on the Internet that say Barack Obama cannot be the president of America because he was not really born in the great state of Hawaii. Or that his birth certificate is a forgery and that he was in reality born in Kenya or maybe Indonesia.

I, or for that matter anybody, would have thought that after the presidential election got over all these rumors and conspiracy theories would have died. But looking at the amount of Internet searchers or actual courtroom lawsuits, that is not the case. On the contrary they have intensified.

In fact in June Obama’s campaign had made the president elects birth certificate available to select media outlets for review and verification purposes. But this has not calmed the conspiracy theorists or right wing nuts. Also there have been sponsored advertisements in Chicago’s fine newspapers that have raised questions about the accuracy of the birth certificates and Obama’s eligibility. In fact many interest groups are raising money so that they can sponsor hats questioning the same on television.

So much so that even Hawaii’s director who looks after birth certificates department has issued a statement saying Obama certificate is genuine and issued by the concerned department but the rumors refuse to die out.

It seems the lands highest court system may have to jump into the fray to sort this out. So have you been bugged by this question or have you been asked pertinently about this issue by your friends and neighbors and office colleagues. What do you think about it. You think there is a legitimate case to be made out of this or do you think this is the pastime of the ideal mind.

Have your say below and let us know what you think about it.

    6 Responses to “Supreme Court Obama Birth Certificate”

    1. Ted says:

      The choice facing the Supreme Court boils down to civil unrest to protect the Constitution or civil war to proceed to ‘inaugurate’ a non-”natural born citizen”.

    2. James says:

      Barack Obama is perpetuating the exercise…something he could bury by producing his birth cert…

    3. Joan says:

      Barack Obama has not had to answer for anything questioned. How sad that a man can be elected POTUS, and yet we are not allowed to know anything about him. It seems that his whole life, as he has presented through his books and his words,is all we are allowed to know. He has way too much power, and this frightens me! They are not even going to look into the contribution scandal where it is believed that around 35 million was donated illegally by foreigners.

      Something is not right about the birth certificate.

      I will never call him Pres. Obama!!!!

    4. Michael says:

      Isn’t it interesting that people are challenging Barack Obama’s right to be President. It is an UNDENIABLE FACT that legitmate votes were not counted when George Bush was cleared to become president. How many of you who are challenging Obama challenged the soon to be former president the same way? If you did not, and I suspect most of you did not, perhaps you need to admit you have something going on in your head that has nothing to do with Obama’s citizenship and everything to do with the color of his skin. George Bush did not win the presidency, it was granted to him by the conservative Supreme Court he put in place. Let’s not forget his brother was governor, and the top election official in the state was Republican. Does anyone remember CHADS???

    5. Joan says:

      I’m back! Probably too late to matter. I did, in fact question George Bush’s presidency. I am a Florida Resident. Michael do you think that Obama won the election, or for that matter, the primary? Stop using that feeble excuse about the color of his skin, it is getting just as tiresome as it was when Obama used it against Senator Clinton and again tried to use it against John McCain, but they were ready for him. He sure tried to keep it alive because it worked to get him elected. Sounds like you might have a racial problem, I sure don’t. I just want a qualified person that does not have to steal his ideas from his opponents, because he has none of his own. He has now been in the office for 99 days and has done nothing, I repeat nothing except make big blunders because he has no one to copy.


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