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US – Embargoed By Sun Java?

Most likely not. But while trying to help a colleague resolve a Java related issue, we un-installed the existing incompatible version of Java and tried installing the latest one from the net. But this is the error we got while doing it –

(click on the image to blow it up)

This when we were trying to download and install in New York. OK, the company is part of a German conglomerate so the routers may be based in Germany but even then we shouldn’t be seeing this message. The possibility is still remote, they could be right here in US, in New York.

I am sure countries like Cuba, Syria, Iran etc. would not have the privilege to directly access all this stuff from American company websites but why in heaven’s name should somebody sitting in US get this kind of a response from the website.

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    1. Zedraloth says:

      I ran into this problem at my job in the USA. It turns out that the proxy settings were not set for internet explorer, and the internet here is only accessable through a proxy server. Under Java’s network settings, the proxy was set to “use browser settings”. I could have either checked “use proxy server” and enter in the correct parameters, or set the proxy server in Windows’ “internet options” which is where Internet Explorer gets its settings. After the proxy was set, I was able to download Java updates and the program ran fine.

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