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Tim Geithner Bio & Wiki

Today Wall Street saw some happy gains and there is a definite reason for it, and not some irrational exuberance that we had been seeing sometime back. Tim Geithner was nominated as the Treasury Secretary by Obama.
– The more the things change, the more they remain the same:

Obama came on a platform of change. But he is nominating known trusted and appreciated public servants to high offices. Wall Street likes to wallow in those it knows and trusts. Tim Geithner is one such person.

– Uber Diplomat

This man is known for the way he keeps his friends and enemies alike happy. He tells you to go to hell in such a manner that you actually look forward to it. People appreciate when they are comforted and soothed. He is a creative guy and he knows what works and what doesn’t. Also, this guy does not pander to the politicians.

– A political animal….or not!

This guy is a high flier, he schmoozes with the political brass but has this uncanny ability to come off as a non political player. He knows all the right people but does not come with the excess political baggage.

But lets see what channels like Fox uncover and pound on in the coming days regarding the nomination.

Though I wouldn’t bet on it, but Tim Geithner ‘s last name does sound like he might be Jewish. This is just for the record as I noticed a lot of my readers are interested in knowing whether he is a Jew or not.

Watch how the DOW reacted to the nomination of Tim Geithner in the youtube video clip that I have included below:

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