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Robber Baron Rafael Rabinovich Ardans

Robber Baron Rafael Rabinovich Ardans is just a funny word play I thought up because this brazen baby faced robber tried to rob a jewelry story in Waldorf Astoria thinking he could get away with it.

According to the news reports pouring in –

A baby-faced-gunman opened fire in the famed Waldorf-Astoria during a botched robbery Saturday, striking a retired NYPD detective in the chest and sending scores of well-heeled guests scrambling for cover, police said.

Pandemonium erupted at the posh Park Ave. hotel after former Brooklyn detective Gregory Boyle, 54, was shot inside the swanky jewelry store where he was working security.

Rafael Rabinovich Ardans is being held as the suspect and this young, I think 20 years old, kid is definitely facing heavy time behind bars for this hit job.

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    1. greg says:

      the guy had nothing else to do. he threw his life away


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