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Portuguese Water Dog OR Golden Doodle Puppies

After Obama’s win for the White House, his kids Sasha and Malia won the promise of having a puppy in the white house. Below are some of the preferences for the breed of dogs that Obama’s family wants to keep.

I have listed the dogs that Obama family is actively looking at and considering to take with them to the white house.

Portuguese water dog:

Portuguese Water Dogs exist all along Portugal’s coast, where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as couriers from boat to boat, or ship to shore.

Portuguese Water Dogs took a ride in bobbing fishing trawlers as they worked their way from the not so cold Atlantic waters of Portugal to the extremely cold fishing waters off the coast of Iceland where the fleets caught saltwater codfish to sell back in the market.

Portuguese Water dogs make one of the best companion dogs. They are warm and fuzzy, independent, and intelligent and can be easily trained in obedience and other skills.

Golden doodle:

Also the dog lovers sometimes call it Goldendoodle puppies or Golden Poodle. All these mean the same thing. A Goldendoodle is a mutt breed dog, a hybrid between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Poodle hybrids have become increasingly popular and it is likely that the combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle has been duplicated by breeders in various countries.

Goldendoodles are often favored by people who suffer from allergies to hair and/or dander. However, not all Goldendoodles will exhibit the low shedding coat type of the Poodle. They are a hybrid dog, and therefore while most Goldendoodles will shed less than a Golden Retriever, the degree of shedding depends on many other factors.

While some breeders claim that the Goldendoodle is a hypoallergenic dog, many allergists believe that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic animal, and there have been no studies to date verifying whether any canine is completely hypoallergenic.

So which one would you favor? What would be your recommendation to the Obama family? List your preferences below. 😀

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