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Patriots Cheerleader Caitlin Davis

Patriots Cheerleader Caitlin Davis (now of course ex), was fired after pictures of her pulling a prank on a friend showed up on internet.

Now the pictures were not compromising or something socially rude, you can imagine what I am trying to say, but basically harmless prank in my opinion.

Her pictures show her holding a sharpie and smiling next to a girl who appears to unconscious. The unconscious girl has all sorts of drawings on her body, apparently drawn by Caitlin Davis.
But the stuff that was drawn was reprehensible – profanity, swastikas etc and other stuff that is unrecognizable.

The pictures showed up on Facebook and clearly show that the 18-year old Foxboro High School graduate and current student at Johnson & Wales University was a willing participant in the human graffitti.

Stuff happens. Too bad she has to pay with her job for this. But this is the kind of attention that these teams can do without.

I have not been able to find any exception pics or video but in case you come across any, leave me a feedback.

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