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Jacques Rickerson Felony Charge

Florida football player, Jacques Rickerson, who is a cornerback was busted on Monday night with a charge of domestic battery after an alleged incident with his girlfriend. Which in other words means he got into a fight with his girl friend who then called the cops on him. Serves him right for not sorting out his affairs!

Not surprisingly, Jacques Gators coach Urban Meyer announced that Rickerson, a 20-year-old sophomore, is being kicked off the team.

Meyers said:

Jacques Rickerson is no longer part of our team — that is not what our program is about. My focus and our team’s focus is with the players who are part of the program and preparing for the Vanderbilt game.

And since Jacques did not make his appearance at the scheduled training, he was expected to stay overnight in the Alachua County Jail. Florida law requires a defendant in a domestic violence charge to make an in-person appearance before a judge prior to a possible release. Wow, what an idiot Rickerson turned out to be him but since I don’t have the full details about why he got into this in the first place, lets give him the benefit of doubt.

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