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Pakistan Chalks A 5 Billion Dollar Plan

The Pakistan federal govt has chalked up plans to facilitate the Information Technology sector with an objective of achieving $5 billion target of software exports till the 2010-2011 time period. According to TEVTA, Tech Education and Vocational Training Authority, the current level of software exports of the country was about $50 million dollars annually.

Since the govt. has realized that present conditions will not keep the country on track for achieving set goals, govt is all set to boost this sector with IT development programs to facilitate students by providing quality education, training etc. at reasonable fee structures, which would eventually help produce good numbers of IT professional all over the country.

At present around 150 engineers are produced by the top colleges and around the same number are trained by software companies. Between 400 to 600 are produced by the remaining institution which are largely classified as sub standard due to lack of adequate arrangements.

Taking this into cognizance, the government is trying to evolve a policy to provide incentives on software exports and perhaps manufacturing of computer hardware, along with establishing more software parts etc.

This is one field where Pakistan can immensely benefit by allowing Indian companies like Aptech, NIIT etc and other computer training institutes to invest in Pakistan and open their training institutes.

These top rated Indian companies specializing in computer education have opened their offices in other south asian countries as well (China was quite keen that they set base on mainland China) so there is no reason as to why Pakistan should make itself hostage to traditional animosity with India and deny itself an opportunity for growth.

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