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Literature + Islam = Controversy

Controversies relating to Islam always makes for a great headline, and thats what the world has been seeing for a long time. Either ‘they’ are out to get us or we are growing intolerant day by day. When Salman Rushdie wrote the infamous Satanic Verses, he received a death penalty all the way from Iran for his services in offending the Muslim world. The book wasn’t even a best seller worthy, like his previous books had been, ie. The Midnight Children.

But all thanks to the exposure it received from the Muslim world, it sold like hotcakes off the bookshelves. The more Muslims reacted, the more people became curious to read it. Had it been scorned and ignored, the book would have been collecting dust by now on the bookshelf.

In the case of Sherry Jones and her novel, I am inclined to think it was not an innocent attempt at creating a historical fiction, honoring one of the most revered Ladies in Islamic history. She cannot be this stupid to know it is always a danger zone when one is writing anything about Islam or religious figures. Didn’t she learn anything from Salman Rushdie’s experience or from the Danish cartoon experience? Had she forgotten what Muslims are capable of?

Not that I am condoning any acts of barbarism, but it would take a brave fool to prod a sleeping grizzly bear. It is never a good idea. After the American scholar Denise Spellberg of University of Texas proclaiming the book is full of historical inaccuracies, layered by author’s own imagination to create a juicy story (read: soft core pornography) then how can Sherry Jones defend her book saying it is a tribute to Islam’s most revered lady. Its a bad bad trifle.

As for the intolerant Muslims who cannot very well ignore the book and get on with their lives are just playing bait to this author, by reacting in the manner that was expected. Haven’t we learnt anything from our past? In today’s world, sadly to say Islam’s reputation has gone down the drains due to our intolerance.

We make a mockery of Islam by preaching it is a religion of peace and tolerance and then display our tolerance by reacting to incidents in the most barbaric and inhuman manners. Why can’t we just condemn it in the most peaceful manner and ignore it. When we ignore it and boycott it, the book would have been collecting dust alongside Satanic Verses. How hard is that?.

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    1. Zohaib says:

      Great article. Specially the last paragraph.

    2. Troy says:

      Awesome piece Danya. I hope you will continue to contribute.


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