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Chris Crocker Mind In The Gutter

Chris Crocker Mind In The Gutter is the latest sensation to hit the internet and fans are loving every minute of it. We do too.

I expect Chris Crocker Mind In The Gutter to rise to the top of all charts pretty soon. Do you think this is going to happen?

For Chris Crocker’s  MySpace account, click here.

As for those who are wondering who is Chris Crocker –

Chris Crocker, born in 1987, is an Internet celebrity and self-described “edutainer” who produces and acts in transgressive videos. Almost all of Crocker’s work has been attributed to his being an openly gay and effeminate Southern adolescent in a “small-minded town” in the Bible Belt where his sexual orientation and outspokenness are a “subtext… rarely addressed directly and never completely accepted.”The Tennessee-based Crocker, a stage name, keeps his identity and exact location private because according to him, and as seen in the public comments to his work, there are safety concerns and death threats in response to his YouTube and MySpace vlogs and profile.

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