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FDA: Ranbaxy Selling Fake Drugs

FDA recently barred India manufactured drugs to be sold in US. These drugs were apparently made at the Ranbaxy plant in India. Many of you would remember that ranbaxy’s offices were raided some time back. There was no clear cut answer from FBI or Ranbaxy about the raid and what was the issue. Well I think we are starting to get some pointers in the direction.

In a major drug safety alert, the Food and Drug Administration announced today that the U.S. can refuse to import dozens of generic drugs taken by millions of Americans that are made by a major drug manufacturer in India.

Another excerpt clearly mentioning Ranbaxy.

Based in India, Ranbaxy has already been under investigation for allegedly selling fake or substandard medications. In February 2007, the Justice Department raided the manufacturer’s U.S. offices in New Jersey. Last year, Ranbaxy recalled 73 million doses of a generic version of the pain pill Neurontin.

This is extremely serious allegation – selling fake or substandard medications – and I am not sure whether at this point we can level the charge of selling fake medicines at Ranbaxy. Either the news reporter did not look up the charges correctly, or they know something that we don’t.

Ranbaxy is one of India’s most revered pharmapsuetical companies until recently when it was sold to a Japanese conglomerate.

These allegations, raids, and FDA disbarrment could prove serious problems for generic medication manufacturing companies like Ranbaxy and others in India.

Another angle to look at it would be that many medicines are coming off the patent block and looking at the compitition coming from India, maybe the American drug lobby is exerting pressure on these cheap manufacturing companies through tools like FDA, FBI etc.

I am not putting my money on this but this could be an angle to explore.

Right now this issue is being discussed on Lou Dobbs as well. Many of you would remember how China manufacturing got a beating when there was lead found in some of the products. (Lous Dobbs is anti outsourcing and needs a stick to beat on such issues).

As a redemtion in the article, here is what FDA had to say about Ranbaxy and the drug controversy:

FDA also said today that it has no evidence that the generic drugs involved are actually defective and emphasized that the agency is taking steps in advance to ensure no more products are allowed in until problems are fixed

These are mixed messages which will end up confusing the patients more than anything. If there is no evidence of medicine defect, then why ban in the first place?

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