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CERN’s Big Bang Machine Gets Hacked

AFP is reporting that hackers gained access into the Big Bang computer networks and defiled their web page. The hackers were apparently white hat hackers as they did not intend any harm but just wanted to pull down the pants to show how easy it is to hack into the networks.

Hackers claim they have broken into the computer system of the Large Hadron Collider, the mega-machine designed to expose secrets of the cosmos, British newspapers reported on Saturday.

They wanted to make the European scientific group aware of how weak their computer security was. The whole idea was to send a clear message accross that would enable them to protect themselves in case any hacker with malicious intent hacked them.

A group calling itself the Greek Security Team left a rogue webpage mocking the technicians responsible for computer security at the giant atom smasher as “schoolkids”.

What do you think.

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    1. Venom says:

      With the LHC total projected costs around $US5.8 Billion, one would expect security to be much more robust. Clearly the security network “gurus” on this project are amateurs. They need to give their heads a shake!


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