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Republican Propoganda: Help Save Joe Biden

It has been a bad year for Joe Biden. He lost his presidential bid. Then when Obama picked him for VP, there was no bounce from the VP pick. Then Palin.

No wonder Biden is saying Hillary would be the better VP pick for Obama. All he hears now is Palin this, and Palin that.

So let’s have a thread to discuss Joe Biden’s greatness when it comes to foreign policy. He was added to the Obama ticket to make up for the fact that Obama has no foreign policy experience. So let’s discuss Biden’s best foreign policy judgments/views:

Was it his opposition to liberating Kuwait, when Saddam invaded?

Is it his years of consistent opposition to missile defense? A position applauded by Putin, North Korea, Iran, Hezzbollah, etc.

What about Biden’s short lived support of liberation of Iraq? Was that when he was a foreign policy expert, or was it when he later opposed himself? When like Hillary and Kerry, he recanted and was welcomed back by MoveOn and the DailyKos?

What about his wisdown in opposing the surge which has dramatically brougth down the levels of violence in Iraq? Was that the example that high lights what good judgment Biden has on foreign policy?

When the Soviets objected to the Reagan arms build up, Joe Biden stood tough. Stood tough against the Reagan policies that won the cold war. Surely this makes him the better foreign policy expert to deal with Putin. He knows how to fold.

So share your favorite Biden foreign policy positions!

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