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Katy Perry Sesame Street Controversy Continues

Katy Perry’s Sesame Street controversy continues, as parents continue to be upset over Katy Perry’s revealing outfit which she wore on a clip of the popular children’s show. OF course, the clip was leaked online and had not aired yet. As such, Sesame Street has announced that they will not air the video on the New Years Eve show as planned.

Of course, this is disappointing news for Katy Perry fans, who were looking forward to her singing the Sesame Street edited version of “Hot and Cold” with Elmo.

One cannot help but wonder if our society is getting a wee bit too sensitive. You can see a picture of Katy Perry’s dress she wore to sing with Elmo here, and it’s not all that bad. What are your thoughts? Should the Katy Perry really be banned from Sesame Street?

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