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US Open 2010 Collapse Advances Dulko by Default

A 2010 US Open collapse advances Gisela Dulko by default.  Victoria Azarenka collapsed during the match, clutching her side.  Fans didn’t know what was happening – and feared for the worst.  Luckily, Azarenka will be okay, as she suffered from  a concussion and is expected to make a full recovery.

The tennis player hit her head while practicing.  Doctors were monitoring her and had cleared her for the match.  Unfortunately, while she was playing she felt the effects of the concussion and passed out.

Many had high hopes for Azarenka for the 2010 US Open.  The US Open collapse put a damper on what many were hoping to be a ground breaking tournament for the player.  Her backhand is considered exceptional and she went into the tournament the 10th seeded player.

Gisela Dulko advances to the third round – but by default.  It’s not a glorious win, but it gives her another round to see how far she can go in the tournament.

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