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FDA Discovers “Unsanitary Conditions” at Egg Recall Farms in Iowa

The egg recall farms are under intense scrutiny of the FDA.  The egg recall farms were discovered to have “unsanitary conditions” after a visit from the regulatory body.  The results of the investigation are disturbing.  At the Wright County Egg farm in Galt, Iowa, several nasty things were discovered.
First, there were maggots. I don’t know about you, but that makes my stomach churn.  Second, there were rodents and rodent feces present in the henhouses. That’s enough to make me eat eggbeaters for the rest of my life right there!

Third, there were flies “too numerous to count” and once again the maggots were “too numerous to count” as well.
Granted Wright County Egg wasn’t in the business of selling to the general public, but still there were many food safety violations made by the farm. It’s gross.

Over half a billion eggs have been recalled.  Consumers are advised to select pasteurized eggs to avoid salmonella contamination.  In addition, cooking eggs thoroughly SHOULD kill off the salmonella bacteria…but why take the chances?

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