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Real New Jersey Residents Aren’t Fond of Jersey Shore

Real New Jersey Residents not so fond of Jersey Shore, according to a Quinnipiac poll.  Approximately 51% of New Jersey Residents aren’t so fond of the show which has catapulted MTV’s ratings to the highest its been in years.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey says that the guidos and guidettes are so obnoxious because they are native New Yorkers.  The New York governor says it’s the Jersey Shore’s less-than-desirable lifestyle that is to blame for the hard-partying lifestyle of the cast. Of course, maybe he didn’t get the memo that the second season has been filmed on South Beach.

New Jersey residents aren’t happy that the cast isn’t really from New Jersey – only one cast member, Sweetheart, lists the Garden State as her home state.

Many Jersey Shore cast members have become superstars of the reality TV world.  Snooki has even been mentioned by the president, although later on he said he didn’t know who she was.  “The Situation” also is reported to be making about $5 million this year and double that next year.

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