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19 Bodies Discovered at Mexican Mineshaft

Approximately 19 bodies have been discovered in a Mexican mineshaft.  The bodies are decaying.  The discovery was around Hidalgo, Mexico and it is believed that the remains are of victims of the Los Zetas gang. The murders or executions appear to have taken place a year or two ago.

In addition, as many as 7 additional bodies are reported to have been found Pachuca and Mineral del Chico.  These bodies are in advanced stages of decomposition and appear to have been executed.

Drug violence in Mexico is a very harsh reality.  The worst part is that the most violent part of the country is the part that borders the United States.  Border states such as Arizona and New Mexico report higher than average drug related crimes. The situation has lead to increased tensions leading up to possible immigration reforms.

However, there is a lot of resistance against reforms.

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