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A Ground Zero 911 Mosque Protest Gathers in NY

The Ground Zero 911 mosque has garnered protests for both supporters and opponents of the place of worship right near ground zero. There are many Americans who feel that the mosque should not be erected so close to the site where innocent Americans died at the hands of radical Islamist.

Supporters of the mosque cite our country’s religious freedom rights, and since the mosque is being built on private property there’s really nothing that the government can do to stop it.

However, although opponents may agree on the RIGHT to build the mosque there, the don’t agree with the whole idea, claiming insensitivity as the major problem with the project.

Many people will be quick to point out that the Mosque will be placed in the financial sector – not somewhere that there exists a large Muslim population.  Some fear that the project is the way of the Islamic Extremists to place their sign of success over the western world so close to the site of the attack.

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