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Gunman Dies After Police Station Attack in McKinney, TX

A gunman dies in McKinney, TX attack on police station.  This just in – a man drove up to the police station in McKinney, Texas, set fire to his car, and exchanged words and gunfire with police officers.  As the fire burned, ammunition started to go off.

There’s no immediate word on the cause of death of the gunman.

The shooting happened just outside the perimeter to the Collin County Community College. The campus was put on lockdown, and a text message sent to students read: “Shots fired. Campus on lockdown. Cops on the scene. Details to follow.”

Of course, you can only imagine the panic! Many feared that the shooting happened on campus, and therefore were relieved – yet saddened- to find out the truth about the situation.

The only casualty was the gunman himself, and a cause of death has not been communicated to the public. Furthermore, the motive behind the attack is still unclear. The lockdown has since been lifted.

During recent years, there have been a lot of acts of violence.  There was an attack on the Fort Hood base in Texas last year, as well as a shooting inside an Orlando office building. More recently, a man drove a plane into an office building that housed the IRS.

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