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Joe Klein Blog On Time Magazine

Joe Klein’s Blog is drawing visitors by the troves but some people (especially fundamental right) think Joe Klein is catering to the wrong crowd. Is that the case? Are the accusations leveled by the right wing media worthy of even consideration? Lets find out.

Now since I personally don’t have time to read where exactly each candidate stands on various issues, I do the next best thing.

I depend on policy experts to see what they have to say about presidential nominees and whether they give their stamp of approval.

I already know that Thomas Friedman of New York Times has given up on McCain for his ridiculous energy policy. Now it is emerging that even Time’s Joe Klein is supporting Obama all the way.

But lets not forget, Joe is the same man who once raved about McCain and how this ex fighter pilot would set a high bar for running a campaign. All thats history. McCain’s campaign has repeatedly attacked Obama not on issues but – Celebrity status, compared him to Iran’s leaders and his ilk etc.

Joe Klein has jumped the fence and changed his loyalty. And for good I would say. That McCain has been  reluctant to condemn Jerome Corsi’s hatchet-job is no secret. Not to forget the RNC where McCain’s support for Joe Lieberman’s smear against Obama. All this has made Klein give up on John McCain.

I know that people like me are supposed to try to be fair…and balanced. (The Fox mockery of our sappy professional standards seems more brutally appropriate with each passing year.) In the past, I would achieve a semblance — or an illusion — of balance by criticizing Democrats for not responding effectively when right-wing sludge merchants poisoned our national elections with their filth and lies. And it is true, as John Kerry knows, that a more effective response — and a bolder campaign — might have neutralized the Swiftboat assault four years ago. It is also true that Corsi’s book this time is far less effective than his Swiftboat venture, since it doesn’t come equipped with veterans willing to defile their service by telling lies to camera.

Has Joe made a wise choice? I am sure posterity would support him in the years to come.

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