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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Has an Update

Mozilla Firefox 4 has an update, and that’s  a very big deal to those in the tech circles.  The Mozilla Firefox 4 beta update has new JavaScript values and more touch support for Windows 7, allowing for better graphics viewing.  For those of us who like to surf the web using the FireFox browser instead of Safari or IE, this is a very good thing that leaves us very happy.

Firefox 4 will not be released to the public until October or November.  The beta is still just that – a beta meaning that at times the browser can be unstable. Still yet for the casual internet surfer/blogger – it’s a pretty nifty thing to try out.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta update is that it has multi-touch support for Windows 7 (as mentioned before.)  For us tech geeks we know that Windows 7 has built in support for touch screen monitors and devices, and the Mozilla browser beta is able to interact with that and allow users to utilize this feature.

Users of Mozilla FireFox know it’s one of the most stable web browsing experiences.  If you haven’t tried it out yet for yourself, you should.  To read more about the beta update, and to view a video of the multitouch experience head over to Wired News.

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