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Fantasia Barrino Sextape a Bittersweet Video Could Get her Sued! (VIDEO)

Fantasia Barrino sextape is bittersweet, and could get her sued, according to North Carolina law.  Fantasia Barrino’s sex tape video scandal with a married man is enough to not only land the man a hefty alimony payment to his soon to be ex-wife, but also enough for the jilted woman to get some of Fantasia’s assets, too.

Fantasia Barrino is an American Idol winner, and is best known for her song “Bittersweet.” That’s where the irony lays.
The scandal comes at the heels of the Montana Fishburne scandal, and also the possibility of a Jaimee Foxx scandal.

Under North Carolina law, the man’s wife can sue Fantasia for “alienation of affection” if she can prove that Fantasia is the reason for the unraveling of her marriage.  Of course, the former Idol winner and North Carolina native denies the allegations are true.

You weigh in – is Fantasia Barrino a homewrecker?

Update – I am having technical difficulties. Click here to view a video of Fantasia Barrino sextape coverage.

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    1. magpie says:

      The couple set her up for the okedoke….sorry she fell for it never deal with a married man and always do your homework. You work too hard to get to where you are to just let anyone come in and destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish…..


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