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UFC 117 MMA Results Top Octagon Buzz

News: UFC 117 MMA results top the octagon buzz.  The UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen fight was a big deal for MMA fans, and many are left wondering if Silva and Sonnen are slated to become the newest rivalry in the MMA.  Of course, Dana White’s franchise thrives on cut throat competition. After all, if the two are friendly towards each other – who is going to want to watch them fight?

The Spider kept his title for one more contender, and will have to face off someone else at a later time.  It’s crucial that his head doesn’t get too big, because that is usually when the good falter.

Could it be that The Spider is nearing the end of his career? After all, Sonnen was dominating over him for the first four and a half rounds.  Only after Silva was able to put Sonnen in a triangle hold was the match called. Had that not transpired, I would almost say that Sonnen was going to be the big winner.

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