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UFC 117 Sonnen vs Silva Live – Day of Fight is Here

UFC 117 Sonnen vs Silva live is here, and the day of the fight is upon us.  Sonnen vs Silva at UFC 117 is bound to be a good fight, and there’s already plenty of trash talking going on.  Silva wouldn’t look Sonnen in the eye, and Sonnen says that he’s going to be hosting Silva’s retirement party tonight.  Man oh man … no matter what the outcome is, there is going to be a lot of controversy and drama.

“I’m not in here to get the silver medal or say I one time fought in the main event, I’m here to win the world championship. Getting to beat up Anderson is just a bonus. I’m sore, tired, under the weather, overtrained and undermotivated, and still tough enough to beat this guy.” is what Sonnen has said about the fight.

Both of the fighters had a successful weigh-in, coming in at 184.5 and 185 pounds. The fight is taking place in Oakland, California where the crowd is expected to go wild over the entire ordeal.

So who will walk away in victory? Will it be the trash-talkin Sonnen, or will it be Antonio Silva?

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