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Samsung F4EG a Eco-Conscious, Eco-Friendly Hard Drive

The Samsung F4EG is an eco-friendly hard drive for the eco-conscious consumer.  The F4EG is also known as the EcoGreen hard drive. Even though this is the type of product that is meant to reduce your carbon footprint, you don’t sacrifice performance in the long run.

Samsung is a consumer electronics company that is always on the cutting edge – be it with plasma/lcd TVs or with cell phones and now the F4EG eco-green hard drive. This will likely become one of the more popular types of hard drive in the coming years.

Storage is no problem with this product. There is 2 TB of storage, which stores up to 880-hours of DVD video or half a million songs in the MP3 format.

Energy improvements have been made, as when compared to the previous model the F4EG performs 19% better in and 23% lower power consumption in standby mode.

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