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Arrested: Caroline Giuliani, Daughter of Rudy Giuliani, Accused of Shoplifting

Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Rudy Giuliani has been accused of shoplifting.  The young woman is the daughter of the former mayor of New York City.  Rudy was known for his tough-on-crime stance, and it’s really ironic that this time it’s his daughter who is the alleged criminal.

Imagine the former mayor’s surprise when he got the phone call: his daughter, a student at Harvard, was caught red handed at a Sephora store stealing beauty products.  Now, the family has money so it’s not like she wanted something she couldn’t afford or she was just trying to fit in.

Perhaps it’s pure rebellion, perhaps it’s the rush – or perhaps it’s the feeling that she is above the law because of her last name.  However, her shoplifting case is now mainstream.  Although these things happen each and every day – people steal all the time. It’s hardly EVER someone with the popularity of this young woman. Do you think they will make an example out of her?

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    1. Emmy Bea says:

      Rudy can only blame himself for his despicable behavior as a father and husband. His behavior tore his family apart when it was critical for for his daughter to have a good role model as a father. I only hope she can rise above this and learn that he was a flawed person all along and that she needs to be higher morally than he.


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