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Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Gives Birth to Baby #3

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie is burning up the newswires, as he has given birth to baby #3. Thomas Beatie is a transsexual who opted to leave his female sex organs intact so that he could become pregnant. His wife is infertile due to a hysterectomy.

This is the couple’s third child. Both father and baby had a routine deliver and were released from the health facility in Oregon where the birth took place within 24 hours.

Many people are shocked by the pregnant man story. Many would venture to say that he’s not even really a man since he has female sex organs. Still yet, he’s gone through gender reassignment so that is how Thomas Beatie can get pregnant even though he is a man.

What do you think about this birth? Is it pretty cool or does it creep you out? Do you think that The “pregnant man” should be having kids?

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    1. Able says:

      I really think that it’s his choice whether or not he gets pregnant. He’s not the only FTM to become pregnant, and probably not the last. As long as the babies are healthy and being born into a good home with loving parents, then it’s really no one else’s business. I think it’s cool that he’s very comfortable with his identity and can carry a baby to term despite all of the treatment and surgery.

      I think the issue will arise when men (born as men) are able to carry an birth children. Personally, as a man, I’d love to be able to carry my baby in my belly, even though that’s not everyone’s opinion. Then again, it’s no one’s place to say my opinion is wrong.

    2. Isah umar says:

      I wonder why some people ar so foolish

    3. emelyn flores says:

      …actually, i’m glad there are these people bold enough to make such decisions…as a woman, this issue assures me that couples do love to share their happiness and pains… It’s like you hearing you’re loveone say, “Let me help you with that…” this, being heard in one’s mind n0t as a belittling statement but something with care…

    4. Adriana says:

      Sencillamente una bendicion de Dios el solo hecho de ser padres!!!… Serán buenos padres .. besos


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