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Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston are Kaput After Levi’s Love Child Announcement?

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are reportedly split up amid an announcement that Levi is going to be a father again.  While the two were broken up, the rumor du jour is that Lanesia Garcia became pregnant with his baby.  A representative of the Palin family indicates that no decision by Bristol has been made as to whether or not to call off the wedding, although we can only imagine how hard it would be to have this other child in her life.

So far, the story goes that the two former love birds are only communicating via text message.  Bristol Palin has such a successful career ahead of her, we can only imagine that no matter what she will be okay.  She is, however, reported to be “heartbroken” about the ordeal.

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    1. stovetop says:

      Bristol had another boyfriend too during their breakup. Maybe Maury can pay her enough to get a DNA test and find out who her baby daddy is.


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