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Michigan Oil Spill 2010: Enbridge Angered Over Oil Spill

As were one oil spill wasn’t enough now the US has to deal with another one this time it is in Michigan.  A pipeline leak has caused a spill and the people of Enbridge are not happy. People are scrambling to get this under control.

The Oil spill has already traveled to the Kalamazoo River, and it is estimated that about 200 hundred workers are trying to contain the spill with booms and skimmers. This just a reminder of the dangers of using fossil fuels. Hopefully these types of disasters will make people more inclined to help with the quest for finding alternative energy sources.

This is the second spill that the US has had in the last four months, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was a tragic event. The oil spill in Michigan will not have the dramatic in pack like the one in the Gulf but any spill is a bad one.

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    1. larry says:


      The oil spill in alaska doesnt count?


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