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Oil Well Drilling Efforts Continue after Close Call with Tropical Storm Bonnie

The oil well drilling efforts resume after Tropical Storm Bonnie shut down the Gulf last week.  In what Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen coins a game of “cat and mouse”, BP will have to work around the Gulf region’s oftentimes tumultuous hurricane season.

So far we have been lucky; no major storm has gone directly over the oil well drilling effort site.  Now that efforts have resumed, people are hoping that soon the oil well will be plugged.

In other BP news, it’s been said that Tony Hayward, the company’s less-than-popular CEO, will be replaced by the highest ranking American officer in the British company’s ranks, Robert Dudley.  Dudley is currently overseeing the day-to-day operations related to the oil spill.

Thad Allen estimates that the leak will be permanently plugged by mid-August.  This is assuming all goes as planned. Currently, the leak is contained using a cap over the well, but if the pressure readings indicate a necessity to release oil into the water, experts will do so to avoid an explosion.

As the oil well drilling efforts continue, so does cleanup.  The cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico will likely go on for years to come.

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