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Glenn Beck: Brian Urlacher Called a “Nazi” Before Apology

Glenn Beck called Brian Urlacher a Nazi while looking through a list of “the Blackest White people in America” because of Urlacher’s short hair.  The comment landed Glenn Beck in a world of controversy, although that’s not something new for one of America’s most controversial TV show hosts.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh, the radio personality, is close on Beck’s heels when it comes to heated comments.  He called the late George Steinbrenner a “cracker” who made a lot of “African Americans rich.”

Such comments anger people, and you have to give it to Beck – he will apologize.  Showing his true colors, he’s not much of a sports fan.  He didn’t know that the picture was of an NFL football player that is really quite popular. We can forgive him. We know he spends most of his time with his nose in a book.  He issued his apology, yet the controversy will continue on.

    3 Responses to “Glenn Beck: Brian Urlacher Called a “Nazi” Before Apology”

    1. james says:

      anyone who’s never seen a beck episode, should check him out… he’s a little too black helicopter for me, but seems to have uncovered a few things the public isn’t supposed to know

      he’s obviously hit a nerve because of the smear campaign being waged against him

      the Erlacher “controversy” is a perfect example… he was joking around and called Erlacher a skinhead (not Nazi)completely in jest.. watch the clip and it’s obvious he was joking around & had no idea who Erlacher is… then check out the apology the following night–he’s actually pretty funny

    2. seankeane says:

      You say you don’t lie? What do you call insulting someone because of his haircut? Does the term “profiling” come to mind? Get back to daily meetings. It seems like you need a 90/90 course in who you are.

    3. Robert Warren says:

      You are right, Rush did say “Steinbrenner was a cracker that made a lot of African Americans millionaires”. If you don’t know why he said that it was in response to the call from the New Black Panthers to kill cracker babies. Here is a Glenn Beck clip that shows the clarion call. Watch at least the 1st minute or the entire clip to understand the context .


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