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The Bachelorette 2010 – Frank Leaving Ali Drama Planned?

The Bachelorette 2010 features Ali, and one of the contestants of this year’s romance reality hit show was Frank. We all know that Frank left the show, and it’s been the center of the gossip mills for quite some time. Why did he do it?

Producers of the show will have you to believe that it is quite a shock, when really it’s been reported by InsidePulseTV that he wanted to leave from the very beginning.  (Which is strange, considering he was a willing participant in the show…)

Frank wanted to tell Ali about Nicole in New York , but producers told him that he could tell the star of the show his heartwrenching news – but on their terms.  So, in Tahiti, Ali gets her heart broken by Frank, and the show films him and his girlfriend getting back together to make it all look oh, so dramatic.

So is it really reality TV, or is it totally scripted? You decide.

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