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Online Support for the Nano

With Mamata Banerjee stepping up her agitation in Singur and blockading the Durgapur highway, people of West Bengal have decided they have had enough. Two senior executives from the IT and Lifescience sector, working with the Chatterjee group, have launched the website to garner online support for the Tata Nano Project in Singur.

Orkut has several online communities wherein members can view their opinion about the ongoing TMC sponsered illogical agitation in Singur. Bengal has finally spoken and is vocally supporting the project. I personally think that people have taken this opportunity to vent their frustration against the TMC chief Mamata Banerjee. The lady has single handedly brought the state to a halt on numerous occasions (obviously with ample support from the CPM cadres).

Initially there was some support for the movement as the state government was not providing any concrete rehabilitation for the farmers. But now with Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee taking moral responsibility and proposing fresh plans for them and inviting Mamata Banerjee for talks, tides are turning in favor of the State. But Mamata is playing hard and refusing to talk and decided that the TMC will be blocking the major roadways on Friday.

There already is a standing queue of 20000 trucks on the Durgapur highway many with perishable food items. Losses are estimated to be Rs. 200 crores and the truckers are threatening to agitate.

Mamata seems to have even irked the farmers who now believe that her mammoth ego is now taking over common sense and that she should have talked with the government. They believe that if they are going to be duely compensated and given permanent jobs, as the authorities have promised, then the agitation should be withdrawn.

Mamata seems to be losing out on her supporters and rightly so. Her obstinate attitude is actually not benefitting anybody but only making her unpopular among the masses.

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